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    New After Earth Trailer: Will Smith and Jaden Smith Bond on Dangerous Ground

    Will Smith, Jaden Smith, After Earth Trailer Youtube

    What doesn't kill a family makes it stronger.

    The latest trailer for After Earth, the new sci-fi thriller summer tentpole from Signs director M. Night Shyamalan, is in the wild. And in this one, viewers get a much better sense of the father-son outing Will Smith and son Jaden's characters embark on that results in their spaceship crash landing on an earth now hostile to humans, putting them in serious danger.

    As the teaser starts, an unidentified narrator sounding like a computer voice tells us that teenager Kitai Raige, played by the younger Smith, confuses "courage with recklessness" and is not quite cut out for advancement—which apparently means joining the ranks of the so-called "Rangers" on humanity's new home planet of Nova Prime.

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    Will Smith, Jaden Smith, After Earth Trailer Youtube

    As General Cypher Raige, the older Smith gets a talking-to from his wife Faia (Sophie Okonedo), who explains to him that he needs to spend some QT with Kitai. So he and his offspring head into space to do a little bonding and "go make some good memories together."

    Cut to the accident and the Raiges stranded on an Earth that—after terrible cataclysmic events 1,000 years before that forced mankind to flee—is now a hostile environment for humans, as all kinds of nasty critters have evolved that pose a mortal threat.

    In order to stay alive, the duo have to set out on a perilous mission to retrieve an emergency homing beacon to call for help. But as usual in a Shyamalan flick, things aren't always as they seem. Father and son have to fend off an alien life form that escaped from the crash and is tracking them—as well as what an apparent brood of baboons.

    After Earth unspools on June 7. Watch the trailer below.

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