Matthew Fox, One Direction

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images; Eamonn McCormack/WireImage

Who doesn't love One Direction, right?

Well, count Matthew Fox among those not particularly fond of the boy band.

In fact, while chatting it up with Conan O'Brien on his talk show Wednesday night, the Alex Cross actor revealed that his disdain for the fellas has created a bit of a conflict between him and his 15-year-old daughter.

"She's a huge One Direction fan. She's got this major crush on Harry Styles," Fox revealed. "And I'm a huge music fan and we're having that classic father-child argument about music right now. So I'm trying to encourage her to explore music that's outside of the boy bands."

However, those conversations aren't exactly going very smoothly.

"I upset her every time we talk about One Direction, so we've pretty much had to agree to not talk about One Direction at all," Fox shared. "Every time she brought up One Direction, I felt it was my responsibility to bust their chops, and she would get very upset."

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So, with all that being said, it didn't really come as a surprise to hear Fox's response when O'Brien asked him if he would ever join his kid at a 1D concert.

"No way!" Fox exclaimed.

Oh, Matthew. You don't know what you're missing!

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