Ah, be careful what you wish for, James Franco.

While appearing on Tuesday's The Colbert Report, the actor told host Stephen Colbert he wanted a J.R.R. Tolkien trivia showdown much like the one they had last year.

Of course, such a request is certainly a brave one considering that Colbert pretty much knows anything and everything when it comes Middle-earth. So much so that director Peter Jackson gave him a small role in a future Hobbit movie.

"Last time you were here, we had a Tolkien showdown and I smoked you like a ham," Colbert noted.

But that didn't deter the Oz the Great and Powerful star, who pressed forward.

"I've been rereading The Silmarillion lately. Name me two, just two, of the Valar," Franco said.

Not surprising, Colbert confidently replied with way more than two...and easily reminded his guest to never mess with the best.

Lesson learned!

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