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Chris Harrison Bachelor Scoop: AshLee and Sean "Have It Out"; Tierra "Sketchy" About Engagement

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Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison Rachel Murray/WireImage

Attention Bachelor fans who are counting the minutes till the Women Tell All special airs tonight: You will not be disappointed!

Thanks to all the shockers this season (Desiree's elmination, AshLee getting blindsided, Tierra's surprise engagement), there is plenty to talk about.

And we have exclusive scoop from expert rose-counter Chris Harrison on why tonight's Tell All is one of the juiciest yet....

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1. AshLee and Sean Will Have a Heated Confrontation: You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that AshLee's elimination last week rocked her to the core. (She totally went in a dark cave for him!) And Chris tells us AshLee finally will get to say what she's been waiting months to say.  "She was pissed," Chris reveals. "As you will find out [tonight], I think in her mind, her perception was that things were said and talked about and promised. She not only thought that she was the one, but definitely getting a rose, and when all that was kind of ripped out from under her, I think she was really taken aback. Honestly, it was the maturity of her that made her walk away without saying anything, or the wrong thing, or in lieu of saying probably what was on her mind, which was probably eight F-bombs. God knows what she was going to say. Instead, I think she just thought 'I'm going to walk away.'" And tonight, it all comes to a head. "You'll see it in Women Tell All where they'll have it out. I mean, she's over him but yet she still has some of that anger and bitterness, so it really led to an interesting and heated confrontation."

2. Tierra Gets "Weird" About Her Engagement. As you may remember, Tierra came out with the news that she is indeed engaged to an ex-boyfriend. And of course, that all happened rather rapidly after doing the show. "I had her confirm [the engagement] for the first time," Chris tells us. "But she was really weird and sketchy about it. She wore a ring that was a big ol' rock so it was obvious that it was there, but then all of a sudden she was kind of hesitant to talk about him and it. At one point I asked her, 'When did you get engaged?' and she didn't answer. And I'm like, 'Is that a secret? Is that part of her endgame? Am I missing some part of the story?Is he a murderer and on the run and you can't talk about him?' [laughs] It was an old boyfriend I guess. It was weird, it was like pulling teeth to get her to talk about it, so I don't know. She confirmed she was engaged though."

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Sean Lowe, Desiree, The Bachelor ABC/RICK ROWELL

3. The Return of Desiree! Yes, the most shocking elimination of the season (the whole series?) will come back to have her words with Sean. And for the record, Chris was just as shocked as the rest of us when Sean sent Desiree packing. He's also floored by who made it to the final two. "Heading into hometowns," Chris explains, "I still thought Des and AshLee were the ones to beat. The shock that Des went home...and look, Lindsay almost went home night one! We've never had a season where a girl almost went home night one and made it to the final two, and then Catherine was on the chopping block during hometowns, and makes it to the final two. It's been wild! Up until the final, I would have never picked those two." We caught up with Desiree at theWomen Tell All taping, and she seemed at peace with all that went down (even if the fans aren't). "I love love, and I love to love and I honestly I can't wait for that moment to fall in love again," Des told us. "I'm just waiting on that." Here's hoping the rumors that she's close to signing on as The Bachelorette are true!

Women Tell All airs tonight on ABC. Next Monday, March 11, The Bachelor finale will air, followed by After the Rose where the new Bachelorette will be revealed.

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