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Amy Poehler Pranks Seth Meyers on Watch What Happens Live, Deflects Oscar Hosting Questions

Andy Cohen, Amy Poehler BravoTV, Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Not only did she pull a fast one on her old Weekend Update partner Seth Meyers, but Amy Poehler did a great job dodging the question that's been on everyone's mind this week: Would she consider hosting the Oscars?

During the funnyman's appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Thursday night, Poehler called in at first pretending to be a caller from New Hampshire asking Meyers his thoughts on working with Amy Poehler (he praised her, natch) only to come clean and surprise the Saturday Night Live star.

"Oh come on!" laughed Meyers after the reveal. "I'm such a jerk. Here I am being, like, earnest and sweet about you."

The funnylady then deftly deflected WWHL host Andy Cohen's inquiry into whether she'd be interested in reuniting with BFF Tina Fey and following up their successful stint emceeing the Golden Globes by doing the same at next year's Oscars.

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"Andy, this is Seth's night. I don't want to take anything away from him," she said.

When Cohen wondered what her favorite memory was working with Seth on SNL, Poehler did manage to work in a joke about one of this year's Oscar-nominated films.

"Every once in a while when I would squint it felt like I was sitting next to [Les Misérables star] Eddie Redmayne," the Parks and Recreation actress quipped.

No doubt Poehler's quick wit would be a nice addition to Hollywood's Biggest Night.

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