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    Jon Stewart Code Pink Letter Backing Activists' Anti-Drone Campaign Is Fake, Says Comedy Central

    Jon Stewart, The Daily Show Comedy Central

    We can't wait to hear what Jon Stewart has to say about this little brouhaha.

    Code Pink, an antiwar activist group, released a letter on Wednesday that it claimed was written by The Daily Show host, calling for greater transparency by the Obama administration regarding its drone warfare policy.

    Alas, a rep from Comedy Central tells E! News that "this letter was absolutely not written by Jon Stewart."

    The funnyman previously knocked President Barack Obama in a scathing bit last week for his failure to keep a State of the Union promise to release the legal justifications behind its drone killings.

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    In the bogus, if humorous, note that Code Pink blasted out as an email alert to its supporters yesterday, Stewart—or rather, the person pretending to be the comedian—wrote that he was getting behind Code Pink cofounder Medea Benjamin's demand for congress to release the White House's drone memos.

    "Naturally, I said no. I'm a comedian, not an activist. But then she said I could have one of the giant vaginas she sometimes wears and I said 'absolutely,'" went the letter. "As a virile man, I'd do anything for a vagina."

    Considering Stewart usually keeps a lid on his own personal political leanings, the supposed plea might come as a surprise to most fans of The Daily Show, especially since he's mocked Code Pink numerous times in the past.

    Guess this will provide him with plenty of material to do it again—and soon. Your move, Jon.

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