Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence got a chance let her hair down Wednesday.

The newly brunette Oscar winner nabbed some downtime with a girlfriend in Hawaii, where the star is currently shooting the highly anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire.

The 22-year-old gazed out of her hotel-room balcony, looking chic, relaxed and sexy in black and gray sweats. And as if anyone needed another reason to love Jen, the makeup-free beauty let her hair air-dry, showing off her natural waves.

On Sunday night, Lawrence joked to E! News that she was "sinking into a bit of depression" thinking about her busy schedule in the next few weeks, which includes those Catching Fire reshoots. "I want to sit on my couch and drink and not change my pants for days at a time," she added.

Well, just trade the couch for a towel and bring a bottle of wine down to the beach—voila!

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