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Seth MacFarlane's Oscar Performance Criticized by California Lawmakers for Denigrating Women

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2013 Oscars Show, Seth MacFarlane
2013 Oscars Show, Seth MacFarlane Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With Seth MacFarlane hosting Hollywood's Biggest Night, ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences promised in one of its promos an "Oscars that guys can enjoy."

Unfortunately, they managed to upset some pretty notable gals, as well as Jewish groups

Several female lawmakers in the California Legislature are slamming the Academy for its choice of the Family Guy mastermind, saying the folks behind the Oscars "struck a new low in its treatment of women."

Seth MacFarlane's Jews-run-Hollywood joke criticized by Jewish groups

In a letter sent to Academy President Howard "Hawk" Koch, a copy of which was obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson specifically singled out MacFarlane's opening "We Saw Your Boobs" musical number among other bits they considered insulting.

The funnyman's jokes "reduced our finest female actresses to caricatures and stereotypes, degrading women as a whole and the filmmaking industry itself," they wrote.

The letter continued: "It is unacceptable for the entity that celebrates filmmaking and pop culture to have Seth MacFarlane deliver a misogynistic and degrading monologue against actresses who have shown courage in addressing thought-provoking and realistic experiences on film."

Seth MacFarlane says there's "no way" he'll host the Oscars again

Lowenthal and Jackson asked the Academy honcho to respond with a denunciation of MacFarlane's behavior and "commit to using better judgment in their future choices of content and hosts."

Well, if there's any consolation for the politicians, they can take heart about one thing: the Ted star says he has no plans to return next year.

"No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though," he tweeted when asked about an encore.

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