Britney Spears, Elton John, Cher

Kevin Mazur/WireImage; Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Las Vegas. What happens there stays there, or so they say, and that can be great news when what happens there is a crazy-good show with a huge star.

A growing list of A-listers have scooped up a few extra million by taking up residency in the city's overwhelming glitz, and now the city's stars are becoming even younger and more offbeat. 

Not only is the town courting the electronic music scene (hello, Skrillex), but they're distracting from the Celines and Shanias with epic pairings like Jay-Z and Coldplay. Now, they're even courting Miss Britney Spears herself!

No matter what the consensus is on the future of the city of lights, we just can't wait to see what drama comes next.

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