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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelor, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets. Check back every Tuesday!

I'm glad we got to see a recap of Sean's relationship with each girl. It reminded me of and made me realize a few things about the remaining three. For example:

1. Catherine and Sean are just so silly and fun together! I like watching them. It's hard not to smile.

2. AshLee is so extremely emotionally tied to this experience. 

3. And Lindsay and Sean were so awkward together in the beginning. Based on that initial interaction, I would've never guessed that she'd make it this far.

OK, so let's get to the dates!

I don't think there's anything weird about eating a bug on a date, do you? Ha! I admit that I've eaten a lot of weird stuff in my life, but this was kinda gross to me. Maybe it was just the look on Lindsay's face that got me. It was priceless. I felt her disgust.

Unfortunately, I don't think a bug in the belly is enough to win Sean's love. I'm just not seeing the chemistry between them. I see a beautiful date with incredible scenery and lovely music, but no real substance to their relationship.

In my opinion, I think Catherine will be the last one standing. I just don't think Sean and Lindsay have "it," and now that AshLee's gone, I predict Catherine will win his heart. When Lindsay said "I love you," it seemed awkward to me. Like she was forcing it. I know that she cares for Sean, but I wouldn't call it "love."

Please don't get me wrong, I adore Lindsay. I think she is a super sweet girl, and honestly, after tonight I think she has a good chance of being the next Bachelorette. Last week I said it could be Desiree and I still think that's a good bet, but it could go either way. If Desiree or Lindsay wants it, it's theirs to take. Who would you guys like to see as the next Bachelorette?

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Onto AshLee's date.

I thought the whole "scary" cave thing was a little over the top. Was it really that scary?

All the metaphors were pretty hilarious though. The cave represented abandonment, their love and trust...sometimes a cave is just a cave. And I was so shocked when she gave Sean her ring size and told him what type of ring she'd want. I just don't think that rings should be on her mind at this point. If this is really the love of your life, and you're hoping for a lifelong commitment, then love is all that should matter. To me, this means that she isn't really in love with him. She's in love with the idea of getting engaged to him. There's a huge difference between the two.

Finally, we had Catherine. Sean said that he missed her when she was away. I could be wrong, but I don't think I heard him say that about Lindsay. That says a lot to me. While I really like these two together, I couldn't help but notice that she didn't look him in the eye when she was talking to him. They seem like a great match, and I think they'll end up getting engaged, but I'm not convinced that she's totally comfortable with him yet. And that's fine! It's normal. I think it's definitely possible to fall in love after eight weeks, but I don't think it's truly happened for any of these girls yet, including Catherine.

Regardless of what happens with Sean, I have to say that Catherine has a strong head on her shoulders. I like that she questions all of this and is being skeptical about the "process." She's a smart girl. A real girl. I like her!

Time for Bachelor fan questions:

Amy (@AmyYant02) asks @AliFedotowsky Is there a new fantasy suite for each girl, or do they use the same one?? @SeanLowe09 #Bachelor
Each overnight date is in a different place/room. It would be SO weird if they were all in the same place. But good question! I would wonder the same thing.

Amanda asks (@MandiEleanor) Should the fans of the #Bachelor believe all off the spoilers that are released each season and do you ever read them? @AliFedotowsky
I don't know if the spoilers are right. Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. However, I don't read them. I used to, but I really try not to anymore. I want to try to figure out the winner on my own, but unfortunately sometimes people tweet me who the winner is according to the spoilers. I still try to stick to what I see and not what I hear. 

Jenna (@jburns429) asks @AliFedotowsky @eonline What happens the morning after the fantasy suites? Breakfast in bed or booted out the door?
It totally depends and is up to the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I stuck around for breakfast in bed for one of my overnights and left super early for another. It totally depends on what the couple needs.

Tonight's episode was a little predictable to me so I apologize if I don't have tons to say, But I'm pumped for next week's episode of the Women Tell All! I can't want to see what happens when the women confront Tierra. So follow me at @alifedotowsky on twitter because I live tweet each week and answer my followers' questions in my blog. Next week I could answer yours so keep them coming!

Until next time…

xo, Ali

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