Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards certainly do justice to the phrase "friendly exes."

The erstwhile couple, who have two daughters together, got into a playful Twitter repartee on Oscar night Sunday—a hilarious exchange that involved household chores, champagne twitpics and early bedtime.

And the catalyst for it all? Robin Roberts!

While watching the Oscar telecast, Richards, 42, complimented the Good Morning America anchor, tweeting, "You look ravishing!! @RobinRoberts @MarcBouwer," and posting a twitpic of Roberts on the red carpet.

That immediately spurred a cheeky response from Richards' 47-year-old ex: "Hash tag suck up," he wrote after retweeting her post.

Richards then saw it as the perfect chance to call him out on some coparenting duties: "@charliesheen come help me clean the damn garage for their playroom."

Charlie Sheen


Sheen, however, seemed to have been preoccupied: "I'm BUSY LADY!! LOOK!!!" he wrote, posting a twitpic of him hanging with a pal.

The pic quickly fired up his ex's maternal instincts.

"@charliesheen yes I see.....time to pack it in and GO TO BED you have a 5:30am call... 3 1/2 hrs so get your ass up to your room," she tweeted.

Sheen, on the other hand, was having none of that, writing, "I SAID LOOK!!" and then posting a twitpic of him holding a bottle of champagne while rummaging through his fridge.

Richards, capping the conversation, finally quipped: "Charles...not to be a buzzkill..But..this is the point where the night can go sideways:)"

Hey, with a terrific, riotous exchange like this, looks like the night already did!

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