Pink, Willow Hart


After checking out Pink's abs, we have a sudden desire to hit the gym and do a couple thousand crunches.

The "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" singer hit the beach in Miami today and gave us a case of serious bikini-envy when she flaunted her rock-hard stomach in a striped two piece.

The 33-year-old was joined on the beach outing by husband Carey Hart and 20-month-old daughter Willow, who looked absolutely adorable in a bright pink bonnet.

"Willz hit me in my temple w a light saber so hard I saw stars," Pink tweeted yesterday about their trip to Disneyland. "Then kicked me in my face+gave me a fat lip.I'm never giving her icecream again"

We would have never noticed. Probably because we were too distracted by those abs.

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