Ted (Seth MacFarlane's potty-mouthed teddy bear) won't be the only cartoon vying for a piece of the Oscars limelight at this Sunday's Academy Awards: The Simpsons has been nominated for its first Oscar ever!

Maggie Simpson In: The Longest Daycare (directed by David Silverman) picked up a nomination in the Best Animated Short category. And now the four-minute film, which pits Maggie against nemesis Baby Gerald in a battle of butterflies, is available online for your viewing pleasure.

Our favorite part? The not-so-subtle but very spot-on Goodnight Moon diss. Burn, Margaret Wise Brown. Burn.

So will the Simpsons have a shiny new statue to add to their mantel back in Springfield? They've got some serious competition. Watch the other four videos vying for the award below.

Paperman, directed by John Kahrs (the beloved frontrunner for the Oscar. Not officially available by Disney, but it's easily findable online. Or, if it gets pulled, you can at least watch the trailer here).

Adam and Dog, directed by Minkyu Lee

Fresh Guacamole, directed by PES

Head Over Heels, directed by Timothy Reckart

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