On today's Live from E!, we discussed everything we know so far about Mindy McCready's tragic death.

With her passing, Mindy becomes the fifth star of VH1's Celebrity Rehab to die after appearing on the show (others were: Rodney King, Joey Kovar, Jeff Conaway and Mike Starr). While a lot of outlets are blaming Dr. Drew Pinsky and the show, we think there's much more to the story. We examine the type of mindset that would make someone want to do made-for-TV rehab and what effect, if any, the cameras have on the whole situation.

Also on the show, we discussed the first official appearance of Kate Middleton's (barely-there) baby bump! And in other royal news, Pippa Middleton reportedly has a new man—who just so happens to be rich and gorgeous; go figure!

Finally, we played a little game called "Around the World in Celebrity Photos," which is—well, pretty self-explanatory! Check out the replay to see which celeb photos made the cut!

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