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    Harry Styles Enjoys the Single Life, Thrills Fans on Valentine's Day in England

    Harry Styles, Instagram Instagram

    Harry Styles was single and ready to mingle on Valentine's Day.

    Despite possibly being mocked at the Grammys, the One Direction heartthrob appeared to be in fine spirits last night in Leeds, England, where he hit up a nightclub and a house party, sending a bevy of thrilled females into twitpic overload.

    According to some of those adoring eyewitnesses, Harry mainly stuck to a VIP area at Tequila@Mezz, where he was dancing and hanging out with friends.

    Sounds like Harry Styles had a more playful week than fellow Taylor Swift ex Conor Kennedy

    Harry Styles, Instagram Instagram

    "@Harry_Styles sorry that 90% of the girls at Tequila were bombarding you...But hope you had a good time in Leeds! Cheers!" tweeted Youka, who also wisely observed, "You know what's #awkward? When the DJ decides to play T-Swift's 'I knew you were trouble'...When Harry Styles is at the club. #1D." 

    Harry apparently powered through—although it seems as if he did spend quite a lot of time posing for photos.

     "@DaniellePBrasil Haha no, he was polite and all, but wasn't really keen on taking pictures with fans and all..!" Youka, the resident Harry-Styles-goes-to-Leeds expert, informed a curious fan.

    Harry recently hit the recording studio with his One Direction mates

    Youka told E! News, meanwhile, that Harry "declined politely" when asked to take a picture with him while he was on the main floor, seeing as how many ladies were trying to get close to him. But, she added, "Even with everyone all over him, he was really relaxed and polite! I saw a girl negotiate with the security/bouncer if they would let her in so she could see Harry for just a sec, and even whipped out her credit card saying she would do anything to see him."

    Alas for the big spender, that tactic didn't work.

    Harry also hit up a flat party at the University of Leeds' Tannery accommodations, where he was also said to be staying. 

    "@Harry_Styles can you stop going out and about in Leeds every time I decide to go home from uni. I want to play flip cup with you!" pleaded Emily Hirst, who obviously missed the V-Day (or should we say H-Day) excitement.

    Harry Styles, Instagram Instagram

    —Reporting by Sharareh Drury and Emily Shapiro

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