Remember when Ryan Seacrest helped Kathy Griffin adjust her boobs on the Grammys' red carpet?

"Ryan Seacrest does get rather fixated on my ladies, and he looked at them at the Grammys," the 52-year-old funnylady joked yesterday when E! News caught up with her backstage at her show Kathy.

"He's touched them before," Griffin said. "He's leered at them, and maybe someday they can be his."

"I think you could take Julianne [Hough]," E!'s Ashlan Gorse laughed.

"I don't know," Griffin replied. "She's a dancer. She's wily."

Boobs aside, Griffin dished on getting Russell Brand, who hit her talk show last night, to open up about his love life.

"He was very evasive, of course, but I would like to know who he's dating," she said. "What his type is. He did say he likes a lady with thighs that are ‘thick-ems.'"

Griffin added, "People want to know what's going on with Russell below the waist belt."

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