Ginnifer Goodwin, Whole Foods' extra virgin coconut oil

Courtesy: Whole Foods, Jerritt Clark/WireImage

Ginnifer Goodwin's got quite the versatile, multitasking career, shifting seamlessly from drama to comedy, the big screen to the small screen.

So it's only fitting that the Once Upon a Time star's beauty secret is equally versatile and multitasking: The 34-year-old gamine beauty reveals to E! News that she's gaga over organic extra virgin coconut oil, which she uses for everything. As in everything.

"I wash my face with it, I use it as ChapStick, I use it as shaving cream, I put it in my food, I put it in my hair, it's makeup remover, it smells good," she told us recently in New York City at the kickoff for Listerine's 21 Day Challenge, a project she supports that advocates for better oral health for children in need via a charity partnership with Oral Health America.

Goodwin says she doesn't stick to one particular brand, giving a shout-out to coconut oil by Trader Joe's and oil-based Castille soaps by Dr. Bronners, which she swears are "amazing, clean and simple."

She does, however, find herself stocking up on a lot of organic extra virgin coconut oil by Whole Foods: "They have, like, 10," she explains. "And I'm serious: I have different jars all over the house."

It also comes in handy for more than just a beauty regimen: Goodwin cops to using it in her cooking "in lieu of olive oil and butter," noting that "it adds a little bit of sweetness sometimes."

So what killer recipe does her special ingredient perk up?

"I'm big on my slow cooker, and I make a lot of what I would call Jewish Southern comfort food," she says. "And I've been known to throw in some spoonfuls of coconut oil."

From do-it-all beauty product to secret kitchen ingredient: No wonder Goodwin's nuts over this coconut wonder.

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