Dick Clark, Home

Courtesy: http://luxe.truliablog.com; AP Photo/Jennifer Graylock

Yabba dabba doo, talk about distinctive taste!

There are a lot of homes that are—how should we say this—well, very unique. And realtors know that when they take on such a listing, it might be a long while before they find the right buyer.

Take the late Dick Clark's Flintstones-inspired estate in Malibu, for example.

Dick Clark, Home

Courtesy: http://luxe.truliablog.com

The house hit the market almost a year ago for $3.5 million—and while it's super cool, it appears the pool of potential buyers isn't exactly enormous. Why not?

First of all, we're talking about a pretty big budget. While the price on the home was recently slashed $250,000 to $3.25 million, it's still a pretty expensive pad.

Also, potential buyers have to really like The Flinstones—and we mean really like them! It takes a certain type of person to be OK with waking up in a bedrock bedroom every single day. And it isn't just the bedroom—every inch of this home conforms to the cartoony-theme.

On the plus side, the one-bedroom, two-bathroom home sits on 23 acres of Malibu hilltop, which makes for some absolutely incredible views—and a whole lotta privacy!

What do you think: Would you want to live in a home like this?

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