The Princess Bride, Gone with the Wind

20 Century Fox; MGM

Looking for a great, non-stalker way to say "Be mine!" to your Valentine? This Feb. 14, skip the fancy dinners and expensive gifts—though we'd never turn them down—because nothing sets the schmoopy mood like a romantic movie with a sublime onscreen couple. Think Rhett and Scarlett, Rick and Ilsa, Harry and Sally!

To help you sentimental types plan that perfect date night, we've compiled our top 10 romance movies. Like a big, heart-shaped box of chocolates, our assortment has something irresistible for every cinephile—from light, frothy confections (The Princess Bride) to darker, bittersweet treats (Casablanca).

Feeling amorous yet? Snuggle up to the top 10 romance movies we love, and see if you aren't totally swept away.

Then share the love by telling us which flicks you heart the most!

See our picks for the 10 best romance movies

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