Here's what you missed while you were struggling to find meaning in a chaotic world. Oh wait – that wasn't you. That was Brian Williams. You were struggling to find mustard in a party sub.


Hammer Rex Meme

The King of Reawrrrr himself joined us in studio, and even in bloopers he was resplendent: Brian Williams on The Soup

The Hatchet Hitchhiker, AKA White Antoine Dodson, took the internet by storm: Kai the Hatchet Hitchhiker

Community's Jim Rash attends college in his pajamas! Drag pajamas!: RuPaul's Drag Community College

Crappy Valentine's Day Groupons that will guarantee even your blow-up doll gets a headache: Eat sushi off of Octomom!

Our new day-of-the-week segments, to match your underwear:

Mindf*ck Mondays
Tuesday GIF Exchange
Whambulance Wednesday
Throwback Thursday

Chris Harrison's unpublished Bachelor poetry, or rantings of a syphilitic madman? Chris Harrison's Bachelor poems

We rate the Super Bowl ads using a sophisticated algorithm and also clip art: Rating the Super Bowl Ads


When Beyonce's team asked the internet to kindly strike these "unflattering" Beyonce photos from the record, they came back stronger than ever: Don't mess with the Internet, Beyonce (pic via Imgur)

Beyonce Meme

George W. Bush (yeah, that George W. Bush) reveals his inner artist, love for bathing: Dubya paintings

RIP, Monopoly iron. Now what is pregnant, barefoot Monopoly woman going to hold? They replaced it with a Monopoly cat

Jennifer Love Hewitt made a sexy music video for her TV show… She's a woman, apparently

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