Bradley Cooper, Jenny McCarthy

Larry Busacca, Jason Merritt/Gettty Images

Attention, anyone who's ever wanted to lick Bradley Cooper's face (i.e., the universe): Jenny McCarthy has beat you to it.

While promoting her new talk show, McCarthy proved to be Watch What Happens Live's "dirtiest" and least-censored guest of all time. She debuted an inner-thigh tattoo, undressed a Calvin Klein underwear model, slammed Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and John Travolta, and yes, licked Bradley Cooper's face.

Now, it was a digitally mastered Bradley Cooper, but still, her actions and words were…questionable.

"I love hairy b--ls and I know you have them," Jenny said to the CGI version Bradley. "I no longer have a hairy b--h so you have a clean runway."

Hilarious? Disgusting? Check out the videos to decide for yourself. And be advised: If this interview is any indication, McCarthy's new talk show just might be the dirtiest TV talk show of all time.

Warning: These videos are explicit in language and content!

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