Muhammad Ali, May May Ali

AP Photo/Dave Martin

Muhammad Ali is still fighting.

Rumors ran rampant over the weekend that the boxing legend, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, was on his deathbed.

However, the champ's daughter Laila says such speculation is simply not true, despite a report by The Sun to the contrary.

Muhammad Ali, Twit Pic


"It seems like every six months or so, a report like that comes out," Laila Ali said during an interview Wednesday on Atlanta radio station V-103.  "I get emails, I get calls. That scares me because my dad is sick, he has Parkinson's and you never know how long he's going to be here. None of us are promised tomorrow anyway, especially him."

Laila assured listeners her 71-year-old father is OK by saying she actually called his home last Sunday.

"My stepmom is like, 'Your dad is right here ready to watch the Super Bowl. He's fine,'" Laila said, as evidenced by a photo the family tweeted out showing him cheering on the Baltimore Ravens.

"He's all good," she added.

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