THE EMMYS! HBO's mob-minded The Sopranos led the way with 16 nominations at today's prime-time Emmy announcements. Winners announced September 12 in a Fox telecast.

R.I.P.: The cremated ashes of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister-in-law scattered at a sea burial today near Martha's Vineyard. Their bodies were found Wednesday.

HANDS OFF: Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld cocreator Larry David making it clear today they won't be directly involved in that proposed Jackie Chiles spinoff.

CALL THE FONZ: Erstwhile Pinky Tuscadero Roz Kelly has pleaded no contest to shooting at her neighbor's house. She'll be sentenced October 20.

JERRY! JERRY! Talk host Jerry Springer says he's not certain a run for the U.S. Senate out of Ohio is practical, but, like a true politician, he'll consider the issue before making a decision.

BATTLE READY: The Smithsonian Institute consulting on Mel Gibson's new Revolutionary War drama, The Patriot, directed by Roland Emmerich (Godzilla). For more casting news, see Dotted Line.

BACK TO THE GARDEN: Gates are now open at Woodstock '99. James Brown will kick off festivities Friday at noon ET.

ELEPHANT WOMAN: Pamela Anderson Lee appealing to South Africa's new president to save 30 baby pachyderms from an animal trader there.

LUCKY LUCCI: Soap Opera Digest naming recently Emmy'd daytime diva Susan Lucci its "Woman of the Year."

HERE COMES THE GROOM: Phil Collins, 48, to wed gal-pal Orianne Cevey, 27, Saturday in Switzerland. It'll be the pop star's third marriage.

"ACHY BREAKY" BROKE: Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus dropped from Mercury Records, where he cut the ubiquitous hit of 1992, "Achy Breaky Heart."

EYES WIDE CLOCKED! A ticket-taker in Brownsville, Texas, attacked by two teens denied access to a screening of the R-rated Eyes Wide Shut, police say.

MEANWHILE... Los Angeles film critics firing off a protest memo to Warner Bros. and the movie ratings board over the digitally altered Eyes Wide orgy scene.

BROADWAY BEAT: Alton Fitzgerald White, the current star of Ragtime, on stage Wednesday for the first time since Big Apple cops mistakenly arrested him last week on drug charges.

AUF WIEDERSEHEN: Gar Samuelson, the founding drummer of Megadeth, dead of liver disease. He was 41.

GOODBYE: Kevin Wilkinson, onetime drummer for Squeeze and the Proclaimers, found hanged in his England home. He also was 41.