Bad boy Tommy Lee is getting props for being good.

In court Thursday for his regular six-month progress report, a condition of his probation on assault charges, the oft-troubled rocker was commended for behaving himself of late.

Lee, 36, was joined in court by un-estranged wife Pamela Anderson Lee and their infant son, Dylan--the two parties Lee was accused of assaulting.

Despite the promising checkup, Judge Lawrence Mira refused to ease the terms of Lee's three-year probation, which include regular drug tests, anger-management counseling and community service.

The sobriety-challenged Mötley Crüe stickman was initially sentenced to probation in December 1997 for attacking a photographer outside a Hollywood club.

Mira sent Lee to the slammer four months later, after he pleaded no contest to charges of kicking Pam while she was holding Dylan. The couple have since reconciled.

Lee's next progress hearing is set for January 11.