The seeming mismatch between comic Tim Allen and the elderly Valley librarian is over--mercifully so.

The former Home Improvement star has dropped his $8 million lawsuit against the septuagenarian bookworm. According to Allen's attorney, the case became a no-go after the actor learned the object of his ire is suffering from brain cancer.

"Out of humanitarian reasons [Allen] decided not to pursue the case any further," legal-eagle Michael Novak said, according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit formally died in May. Initial reports put the size of the complaint at as much as $12 million.

Allen filed suit against Henry Armstrong, 73, of Studio City, California, in March 1998. He accused Armstrong of feeding the National Enquirer with libelous quotes about a traffic mishap.

In March 1997, Allen struck Armstrong with his Ferrari while the librarian was crossing the street. The celebrity was not cited in the crash.

In December 1997, the Enquirer went to press with a story in which Armstrong was quoted as saying the TV father-figure appeared "bleary-eyed and unsteady on his feet" following the accident. Allen's bedside manner didn't get good reviews, either: "He stood over me as I lay on the ground in agony," read Armstrong's quote in the paper.

The TV star, who had all-too real drunken-driving arrest in May 1997 in Michigan, accused Armstrong of trying to paint him cruel, heartless and under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Armstrong previously had filed a personal injury lawsuit against the entertainer. No word on the status of that complaint.

Allen's Home Improvement closed shop last May after an eight-season run on ABC.

The tool-minded funnyman next will be heard in Disney's upcoming Toy Story 2, where he'll reprise his vocals for astro-toy Buzz Lightyear.