So, they were expecting Pat Boone?

Police in the Caribbean isle of Trinidad were shocked--shocked!--to learn that tough-talking rapper DMX talks tough on stage and busted the music star in mid-set early Sunday, hauling him to the pokey on obscenity charges.

The hip-hopster, jailed overnight, was in court today for arraignment. He was sprung after paying a $25 fine, the Associated Press said.

No word yet on what allegedly offending language DMX used, but his 1998 best-seller, Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Flesh, offers a couple of clues. (See: "Keep Your Shit the Hardest" and the South Park-friendly, "We Don't Give a Fuck.")

In light of DMX's well-known X-rated tongue, the question begs: Did people in Trinidad think the guy was suddenly going to go PG-13 on them?

Well, um, yes. A police department official in Trinidad, who declined to be identified, says the rapper had a contractual agreement to keep the act clean. When he didn't, police--already present in the arena--moved in.

The arrest in Port-of-Spain came at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday, or about 30 minutes after DMX began his set, police said.

DMX (real name: Earl Simmons) is the second U.S. rapper this month to have a concert bash crashed by Trinidad authorities. Foxy Brown saw her July 3 show cut short over similar allegations. Brown, however, merely was escorted from stage and not arrested.

Unlucky DMX, meanwhile, is smarting from his second arrest in as many weeks; his fifth arrest in the last two years. For those keeping score at home, prior to the Trinidad incident, the rapper most recently was busted June 30 in his New Jersey home over an alleged cache of illegal guns and pit bulls.