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Occupy Conan: Anne Hathaway Interview Reenacted by Puppets, Dogs and Dudes

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Conan O'Brien's got some devoted fans.

Working with hundreds of submissions, Occupy Conan put a homespun spin on the funnyman's TBS show tonight, with puppets, dolls, animals, unidentifiable objects and, at one point, Fred Armisen and Jack McBrayer standing in for the Conan host and wingman Andy Richter.   

While we could have watched the fan-generated spoofs of O'Brien for the whole hour, a late-night talk show isn't all it's cracked up to be if there's no celebrity guest. Enter Anne Hathaway.

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Though it utilized dialogue from a Dark Knight Rises-era sit-down, the chat became fresh and new when a guy in a hospital gown, a dude with impressive sideburns, a black Lab, hand puppets several other lovely brunettes stood in for the Oscar-nominated actress.

"I'm an actress. I thought, You watch yourself in that way," Hathaway-as-hand-puppets recalled getting in shape to play Catwoman. "It turns out, I was a lard-ass."

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"Up here, you know," continued an actual woman, who pointed to her head to indicate being in a lard-ass state of mind. "Sitting on the couch, watching Paula Deen, that's my speed."

"And now, it's like, I have to wake up, do Bikram yoga and do high-kicks and stuff—which, I still kind of am a lard-ass up here, but I'm really enjoying it," finished a little figurine with Hathaway's actual voice.

The Conan fans also thought enough to do a reenactmen of a Will Ferrell-as-Ron Burgundy appearance on the show, complete with jazz flute. Great Odin's raven, it was a good time.

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