Super Bowl 2013 is Sunday, of course, but the football players aren't the only ones training hard for the big game.

That's right, the 49ers cheerleaders are busy practicing new routines in the days leading up to the face-off between San Francisco and Baltimore. But if you think it's an easy task pumping up a crowd, think again!

Not only do most of these gorgeous gals have full time commitments outside of their cheerleading gigs, but they also have to maintain killer bodies to wear those oh-so-revealing outfits on game day.

And because we know plenty of you can relate to having trouble finding the time to work out—and because not all of us will indulge in the healthiest of snacks on Super Bowl Sunday—we got the 49ers cheerleaders to share their fave tips for staying fit.

But don't worry, you won't have to give up your go-to snacks or become a slave to the gym.

Instead, the squad suggests simple changes, like adding weight-lifting to your routine, or eating the right portions.

Watch the video for more handy diet tips and other secrets to remaining in cheer-worthy shape!

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