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    Beyoncé Posts Super Bowl Rehearsal Video and New Photo, Previews Bootylicious Performance


    It's a countdown to touchdown.

    If there's still any lingering doubt that Beyoncé is hard at work prepping for her upcoming Super Bowl debut, may we please direct you to this new video that the Grammy winner just posted, providing an exciting preview of what the world can expect to see when she takes the stage at New Orleans' Superdome on Sunday. 

    Appropriately, the clip rocks it out to the songbird's smash "Countdown" and puts the spotlight not only on the 31-year-old singer but on her throng of dancers.

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    And there are many of them, as they stomp, shake and shimmy their way through several dance routines. (Look closely and you'll spy a couple of "Single Ladies" dance moves—but of course!)

    Jay-Z's other half also posted a new promo pic for her gig, flashing a killer look as she holds up a football.

    Hey, whether she's playing a sexy referee or a Game Day songbird, Bey surely knows how to score.

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