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    Zen Fitness with Mandy: 8 Easy Yoga Moves You Can Do at Work

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    Zen Fitness With Mandy - Column Mug - The Trend
    Zen Fitness With Mandy - Column Mug - The Trend

    You may not be a jetsetter like many of the celebs we read about on E! Online, but chances are with the hours we spend at the computer (whether at home or in the office), the need to stretch is pretty apparent. 

    Flexibility depends upon your range of motion, and will enable you to do more day-to-day tasks with comfort and ease.

    With tireless hours at your desk or traveling on a plane, it's important that you take time to stay connected to your body.

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    Zen Fitness with Mandy, Desk Stretches Courtesy: Mandy Ingber

    Enjoy this easy office routine that you can do from the convenience of a chair that will take less than 10 minutes!

    1. Shoulder Rolls: Sit comfortably in your chair with both feet planted on the floor and spine erect.

    Draw the shoulders up to your ears and roll back, hitting each degree of a circle.

    Repeat this eight times backwards and then eight times forward.

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    Zen Fitness with Mandy, Desk Stretches Courtesy: Mandy Ingber

    2. Neck Stretch: Drop your left ear to your left shoulder and flex through the heel of your right hand for nice stretch along your neck and shoulder.

    Take eight breaths on each side.

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    Zen Fitness with Mandy, Desk Stretches Courtesy: Mandy Ingber

    3. Shoulder Stretch: Sit at the edge of your seat with feet planted on the floor. Inhale and extend your right arm up. Then allow it to bend.

    Draw your right elbow back with your left hand. This will work to get the stretch.

    Or, if you have a strap or towel (as depicted), you may lower the strap with your right hand and reach up behind your back to pull the strap gently with your left hand.

    Hold for eight breaths and switch.

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    Zen Fitness with Mandy, Desk Stretches Courtesy: Mandy Ingber

    4. Side Waist Reach: Sit straight up and take a deep breath. Reach up with your left hand and stretch through the side body.

    You may hold on to the chair with your right hand. Switch sides.

    Take your time as you reach from side to side. Focus on reaching up rather than over. 

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    Zen Fitness with Mandy, Desk Stretches Courtesy: Mandy Ingber

    5. Seated Twist: Twists are wonderful for whittling your waist, stretching your back and detoxifying the body.

    Begin seated at the edge of your chair. Reach behind you to hold onto the chair with your right hand and place your left hand on the outside of the right knee.

    As you inhale, elongate your spine, and as you exhale, use the leverage of your left hand to help you twist deeper.

    Hold for eight breaths, wringing out all of the toxins from your body. Switch sides.

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    6. Abdominal Hold: Sit up straight at the edge of a sturdy chair.

    Use your arms to brace yourself as you contract your abs and elevate two to four inches off of the chair.

    Hold for 10 seconds and repeat eight times.

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    7. Seated Pigeon: Sit at the edge of your chair. Simply cross your left leg over your right and allow the knee to open up to the side.

    You may use your hand to press your thigh and deepen the stretch in the outer hip.

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    8. Forward Bend: Settle into your chair and bend forward. Allow your torso to rest on your thighs if you can.

    Take eight breaths here.

    This will allow the blood flow to reverse, will help prevent headaches and will relax your nervous system.

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    Mandy Ingber is a celebrity fitness & wellness expert and author of Yogalosophy: 28-Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body MakeoverJennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale and Helen Hunt have all credited Mandy for their A-list bodies. Connect with Mandy via Facebook and Twitter.

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