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Catherine Zeta-Jones Talks Michael Douglas Kissing Matt Damon in Liberace Biopic—Plus Her Own Smooch With Brad Pitt

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Catherine Zeta-Jones, The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Catherine Zeta-Jones, The Ellen DeGeneres Show Courtesy: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Catherine Zeta-Jones is ready to kiss and tell.

The Oscar winner swung by Ellen DeGeneres' gabfest for an interview airing Wednesday, and in a sneak peek at their sit-down, the star got refreshingly, um, loose-lipped and candid when it came to chatting about...snogging.

Starting with her hubby Michael Douglas' onscreen kiss with Matt Damon.

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The two actors play lovers in the upcoming HBO Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra, and Zeta-Jones certainly had no qualms about making sure her husband fully got into character with Damon.

"I know if my husband's going to kiss anybody, let it be Matt Damon," Mrs. Douglas quipped after DeGeneres raved about seeing early photos from the film.

Cheekily, the host herself backed that up, saying, "I agree. Matt's a good kisser. I've had the privilege," and then showed a clip of the two of them actually sneaking in a smack.

"I have never kissed Matt Damon," lamented Zeta-Jones. "I'm so jealous."

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Of course, the actress was more than ready to make everyone else jealous when she uncorked this zinger: "I've kissed Antonio Banderas and Brad Pitt." Whoosh!

"I remember the day when I had to go to work and I had to kiss Brad Pitt, and Michael asked me what scene I'm doing today," she recalled about her time shooting Ocean's Twelve with Pitt.

"I said, 'I'm in bed with Brad Pitt.' He went, 'Go for it, girl.'"

Ah, the job hazards of Tinseltown's A-listers.

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