The Lone Ranger fans—it's your lucky day.

E! News has obtained a glimpse of the new spot for the Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer flick (out in theaters in July) that's set to debut before Super Bowl this Sunday!

So what can you expect?

Aside from Hammer looking incredibly handsome in his Western get-up and Depp looking, well—let's face it—also desirable with his face paint and native gear, the duo join forces to take on the Wild West. Yes, it is very heartwarming. But there's also explosions, plotting and moving on top of moving trains. Oh, and powerful dialogue.

"If we ride together, we ride for justice," the Lone Ranger (Hammer) tells Tonto (Depp), who responded with, "Justice is what I seek, kimosabe." (Oooh.)

Watch the clip to see the dynamic duo in action!

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