Jennifer Garner, Martha Speaks

Youtube; Courtesy: Mark Davis/Getty Images

Can Jennifer Garner's life get any cooler? She's got three beautiful kids, a hubby who seems to be winning every award in sight, and now she's getting immortalized as an animated character!

Indeed, Mrs. Ben Affleck has lent her lovely voice to the PBS KIDS series Martha Speaks, in which she mugs it up opposite the show's titular talking dog.

(Let's see how Pop's snazzy Producers Guild and SAG awards stack up against that with the kids!)

In the episode, which airs on Feb. 4, Garner's character can't seem to find her dog, who happens to also be named Martha. But when both pooches show up at an animal fundraiser, all sorts of mayhem ensues—cue the hijinks!

Based on Jen's voice-over gusto here, we're betting her appearance on the show will bark up quite the memorable guest stint.

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