The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Watch Tierra Threaten to Leave, but Is It All an Act?

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The Bachelor, Tierra
The Bachelor, Tierra ABC

It's official: Tierra is The Bachelor season 17's ubervillain!

The dark-haired beauty became house enemy no. 1 amongst the contestants when Sean Lowe gave her a rose immediately after meeting her on the first night, and she only made it worse by largely ignoring the rest of the ladies, repeatedly saying she wasn't there to make friends. The house's dislike of Tierra intensified after she fell down the stairs in last week's episode, but refused to go to the hospital to spend some alone time with Sean, a decision some girls found fishy.

Oh, did you think Tierra's tumble was going to be her most dramatic moment on the show? Silly, silly Bachelor fan, don't you know possible concussions are for amateurs?! We've got an exclusive sneak peek at Monday's episode, in which Tierra threatens to leave the competition, saying, "I don't want to be here at all. I'm done with it." But is it all an act? You be the judge...

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The Seven Steps to Getting What You Want, According to Tierra

Step 1: Stay Positive:  "I'm going to focus on me and who I am and my connection with Sean," she bravely says after getting dirty looks and attitude from red wine aficionado Robyn.

Step 2: Get Angry: After a nice enough talk with the sweet Sarah, Tierra starts to crack. "I'm about to walk out of here."

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Step 3: Paranoia: Though most of the girls seem to ignore Tierra, she complains, "I don't trust anybody here. I don't understand why no one gets that. It's, like, so annoying."

Step 4: Kind of Quit: "Can I go? Can I leave?" Tierra suddenly asks, unable to stay in ABC's lavish reality mansion of sin any longer. "I don't want to be here at all. I'm done with it."

Step 5: Self-Worth: "I deserve so much more than this," Tierra states.

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Step 6: Forget Regrets: "I am breaking down inside and holding it all in and that is not fair," she says. "Will I probably regret it? Absolutely, but I can't be tortured like this."

Step 7: Personality Whiplash: "I get what I want," Tierra says in a talking head, while we see her slyly smiling after stealing Sean away from the hot tub-bound Lindsay. "Always." (Shudder.)

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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