Note to Jimmy Kimmel: there are worse ways to be hijacked than getting a lap dance from Nicole Kidman.

Appearing during Matt Damon's hilarious takeover of Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Moulin Rouge star days gave the captive comedian something to remember her by—performing a little burlesque bump n' grind on his lap as he was duct-taped to a chair.

"You are really classin' up the place here," quipped Damon.

"I have to say I had to do it," replied Kidman.

She wasn't the first, having followed Robin Williams who straddled him earlier.

When her fellow A-lister asked her why she's never done Kimmel, the Oscar-winning actress couldn't resist taking a shot at the funnyman like every other star that night (see Andy Garcia, Gary Oldman, and Kimmel's ex, Sarah Silverman, for starters).

"He's not classy, right?" said Kidman. "I mean he f—kin' sucks."

Awww, poor Jimmy.

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