Molly Mesnick Baby Shower

Courtesy: Lisi Mezistrano Wolf

Molly and Jason Mesnick are relishing in their baby bliss.

Although the pair's road to happily ever after hit a few bumps along the way (the season 13 Bachelor alum originally proposed to Dancing with the Stars Melissa Rycroft before breaking up with her on national television for runner-up Molly) the twosome have been happily married for three years after a made-for-TV ceremony.

And now, the too-cute couple is expecting their first child together, and Molly recently celebrated her pregnancy with a beautiful baby shower, thrown by Molly's sister-in-law, Leslie Mesnick.   

From the fancy party favors (Hanky Panky undies!) to the delectable desserts (cake pops, cupcakes and cookies!) to the baby party games (guess the sex and due date!) we have all the details on the spectacular soiree.

So take a look through our gallery and get all the deets on Molly's self-proclaimed "baby party." 

Then place your bets below on when the brunette beauty will pop! 

See pics of Molly Mesnick's baby shower

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