Alicia Keys, Twit Pic


If there's any opportune moment to post a super-cool Instagram, it's definitely while you're partying with the president.  

Celebs that were lucky enough to attend President Obama's 2013 inauguration couldn't help but share their spectacular experience on social media, posting a slew of celeb twitpics in honor of Monday night's event.

From Katy Perry and John Mayer posing at the White House party with singer Eric Benet to Alicia Keys smiling with Barack Obama and the newly bangin' FLOTUS to Swizz Beatz hugging it out with the prez, there's a slew of social media action that simply cannot be missed.

Missed out on any inauguration action? Just click though our twitpic gallery for a behind-the-scenes look!

Feel free to live vicariously through the photos. We won't judge. 

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