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How to Sweat Like Madonna: Check Out Her "Wet, Wet, Wild" Workout DVDs

Madonna's Trainer DVD Courtesy: Hard Candy Fitness

We've certainly seen enough of Madonna's body to know the girl's got a great one.

At 54 years young, the material girl has a better body than most of us have ever had! So, what's her secret?

Well, we could just tell you about her workout: this is what she does, this is the ridiculous amount of time she spends doing it and oh yeah, here is the name of her fancy trainer who only takes celeb clients. But, what's the fun in that?!

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We want to help you get a body like Madonna, and the great news is—so does Madge!

Madonna and her private personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, recently released a series of four DVDs, which contain the actual workouts that keep  Ms. Ciccone so toned and tight.

The series is called Addicted To Sweat and let's face it, the titles of the DVDs alone are enough to make you work up a sweat!

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The first workout is called "Get Wet," followed by "Slippery When Wet," "Wet, Wet, Wild" and "Dripping Wet" (not to be confused with other discs you may or may not own with similar titles—there is no age verification to buy these DVDs).  

The workouts combine dance, toning and cardio training that will help you tone your tough trouble spots while still keeping a feminine figure.

The four-disc set can be purchased here for $60, and they are sold individually for $20 apiece.

What do you say—who's ready to get "wet"?

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