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    5 Things to Know About AJ McCarron's GF, Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb

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    Aj McCarron, Katherine Webb
    Aj McCarron, Katherine Webb Twitter

    If Alabama had a royal couple, it'd definitely be these two.

    Miss Alabama USA herself, Katherine Webb, stole the spotlight Monday night as her quarterback boyfriend AJ McCarron led the Crimson Tide to a victory over Notre Dame.

    So just who is the brunette beauty that seemed to get an inordinate amount of screentime? Here are five things you need to know about the reigning Twitter queen who gained 90,000 followers in a single night.

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    1. She's a Southern Belle: According to Katherine's Miss Universe bio, the 23-year-old was born in Montgomery, Ala., attended middle school in Columbus, Ga., and then attended Auburn University. After graduating in 2011 with a degree in Business Management and Administration, she moved back to Columbus.

    2. She Works at Chick-fil-A: Bet AJ gets all the extra Polynesian sauce he wants! Katherine is a training director at the fast food franchise's Columbus location.

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    3. She Also Works as a Model: Well, yeah, that one's a given. Per her bio, Katherine models professionally for clients in New York, Miami and Atlanta. She also modeled on the cover of Alabama Weddings. (No, no, she and AJ aren't engaged—yet—but Katherine sure makes one pretty 'Bama bride!)

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    4. She and Michael Jackson Have Something in Common: No, Katherine doesn't live in Neverland or moonwalk through life (to our knowledge), but she does have vitiligo. The depigmentation-causing skin condition also affected M.J. throughout his life.

    5. She's Hung Up Her Crown: In 2007, Katherine competed for the title of Miss Georgia USA and placed in the Top 15. She decided not to compete again until she received her college degree, and was crowned Miss Alabama USA in January 2012. But now she's through being a beauty queen. "I am done with pageants," she recently tweeted. "Accomplished one dream, on to the next one!"

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    We wonder if "Twitter celebrity" was on her short list of future goals, because she definitely accomplished that one already! AJ couldn't believe his girlfriend's exciting social media popularity surge, smiling and making WCBI-TV and other local reporters "swear" that she had in fact, surpassed him in Twitter followers.

    "LeBron James is following her," said one reporter, prompting an excited AJ to exclaim, "I'm gonna tweet him and I'm gonna get a follow!"

    Get it.

    (Originally published Jan. 8, 2013, at 9:55 a.m. PT)

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    Before Katherine was Twitter royalty, she was a beauty queen!



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