Josh Hutcherson is sensitive.

Audience: How sensitive is he?!

He's so sensitive that when you've had a bad day, he'll cry for you and his tears will magically transform into kittens and unicorns that will hug you because life is tough and you're special. (Audience: Har har har!)

But in all honesty, folks, he's sensitive, as proven by The Hunger Games actor's appearance on franchise star-whisperer Josh Horowitz's "Sensitive Guys 101."

There's lots of talk of crying in the shower and puppies, blackcurrant pie and lots of lingering glances. "You want to spend a lazy Sunday night with me?" Josh coos at one point. "We can watch Friday Night Lights and I can give you a massage."

Though we think that offer only applies to Lori Anne. H8 U LORI ANNE!

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