Jennifer Aniston is America. Which means she loves everything you love (puppies! friends! Paul Rudd!) and hates everything you hate (when your Wi-Fi stops working and the company says they'll come "check it out" sometime this Saturday, but they don't show so you call and threaten to cancel your subscription but what are you gonna do because you need your Wi-Fi, right?)

Which is why she is appearing in U.K. internet provider Sky Broadband's latest commercial. Because across the pond, the company will switch everything over for you in a "doddle!" (doddle! doddle! say doddle again!) and you won't have to try to figure out how to configure that box thingamajiggy all by yourself.

Whether you think the commercial is funny or painfully not, here at E! we are taking it as a serious call to action against the corrupt ways of the Wi-Fi corporations. The time for change is now, and Jennifer Aniston, brave soldier that she is, is leading the charge.

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