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    Dead Man Down Trailer: 5 Things to Know About Colin Farrell's New Revenge Thriller

    Colin Farrell is in for a rough ride in Dead Man Down, the tagline promising that "blood demands blood."

    Its release having been postponed following the horrific school shooting in Newton, Conn., the trailer for the Irish hunk's revenge thriller is finally in the wild—and we can see why the studio was squeamish about unleashing this bad boy in the midst of the tragedy.

    Here are five things we learned from watching the two minute, 35-second trailer for what promises to be a brutal ride to redemption (if, in fact, our hero reaches his intended destination)...

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    Dead Man Down Trailer Courtesy of Movieline

    1. Someone Is Always Watching: Though he's a stone-cold killer who works for a crime syndicate, Farrell's Victor is more or less the good guy—and that's why Noomi Rapace's literally scarred Beatrice, who craves revenge against the brawny hit man's boss, is tracking his every move to make sure that he's the one who can get the job done. And what better perch is there to watch from than a balcony that looks both into the apartment across the way and out on the New York City skyline?

    Dead Man Down Trailer Courtesy of Movieline

    2. His Wallet Is the One That Says...: Terrence Howard plays top dawg Alphonse Hoyt, the most telling indicators being his smug grin and Beatrice's voiceover telling Victor, "The man who did this to me, I want you to kill him," as Alphonse settles into a chair to talk business. Which probably involves threatening whomever he's sitting with.

    Dead Man Down Trailer Courtesy of Movieline

    3. They Killed His Family!: Farrell can be heard crying, "They killed my family!" as the trailer cuts to a photo of his deceased wife and child. And we're going to assume that "they" involve Alphonse, meaning he intended to kill the creep long before Beatrice gazed at him with those velvety eyes.

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    Dead Man Down Trailer Courtesy of Movieline

    4. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in Her Underwear: Victor sees Beatrice in her skivvies after what appears to be one of those "I really need a shower after spending all day avoiding being killed" showers. Beatrice's soul may be in distress, but her buff bod suggests that the rest of her has never been stronger.

    Dead Man Down Trailer Courtesy of Movieline

    5. Sniff Sniff Bang Bang: It would appear that Alphonse has himself a lucrative little drug business, all the better to require an inordinant number of gun-toting henchmen to guard the product. We're thinking Victor has a lot of bad guys to mow down before he gets to Alphonse.

    Dead Man Down, directed by Danish filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev (who directed Rapace in the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo from Sweden) hits theaters March 8.


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