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    Scary Movie 5 Trailer: 5 Things We Learned

    It's finally here—the trailer for the latest ensemble spoof that features practically everyone you can think of. 

    OK, some films might have even more famous faces, but Scary Movie 5 is jam-packed with enough celebs (beyond Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen even), that you won't be able to avoid asking yourself, "Hey, is that so-and-so?" at every turn.

    So, while you wait for the comedy to hit theaters on April 12, check out five things that either taught us something, stood out or were just so awesome they needed to be brought to your immediate attention:

    Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen get in bed together!

    Scary Movie 5 Screen Grabs Dimension Films

    1. Hey, It's Ashley Tisdale: The former High School Musical star is front and center in the Paranormal Activity parody. She seems to do a great job at acting freaked out by everything, but just make sure to keep her away from babies. Especially fake babies.

    Scary Movie 5 Screen Grabs Dimension Films

    2. LiLo's Take on LiLo: Lindsay Lohan scared of ghosts? Hardly. Being in bed with Charlie Sheen? Maybe she should have been frightened, but she wasn't. What really got this star screaming bloody murder was seeing herself going to court on the TV news. Extra points for Lindsay for being able to laugh at herself...again.

    LiLo and Sheen arrive on Scary Movie 5 set

    Scary Movie 5 Screen Grabs Dimension Films

    3. Busting His Junk: Sheen, meanwhile, falls prey to the resident demon, who whisks him off the bed, and throws him down the hallway (just like in Paranormal Activity!). He doesn't quite make it, though...But just like he said, he's been through worse, so he'll be just fine.

    Scary Movie 5 Screen Grabs Dimension Films

    4. Pregnant Swan: Yep, that's Heather Locklear, and yes, she's proudly showing off a (fake) baby bump in her White Swan ensemble for her ballet performance because she's that crazy brave. It's not so bad. You should see when she gives birth on stage.

    Scary Movie 5 Screen Grabs Dimension Films

    5. Who's That Guy?!: Double-take alert! Whoever did casting on this movie deserves an award for finding Leonardo DiCaprio's doppelgänger. During a scene inspired by Inception, actor Ben Cornish walks in and for a second we thought, "Wow, Leo made a cameo!" But, he didn't. It's OK, though, because Ben's the bee's knees.

    Why are there always pretty people in scary movies?