Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?

After all, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson have just teamed up in a new Weight Watchers ad, and it certainly looks like they connected.

The spot, which begins airing on Jan. 3, shows the two company spokeswomen strutting their slimmer selves as they recall struggling with extra pounds in the past.

"I was overweight my whole life," Hudson says. "I just figured I was born that way."

"I obsessed about my weight my whole life," notes Simpson, who recently confirmed she is pregnant again. "I was always on some new life-stopping diet."

Both ladies then go on to praise the program they're both here to endorse. "It lets me, be me," Simpson points out, while Hudson remarks, "I naturally became a healthier me."

Weight Watchers confirmed last week, though, that while Simpson is a valued spokeswoman, she won't be following the diet plan during her second pregnancy and will instead consult with her doctor after giving birth to decide when to resume the program.

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