Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is making a pretty big sacrifice for her art.

Never one to be shy about her obsession for marijuana—like the time she was spotted smoking a giant spliff on stage—the pop superstar told fans during an online chat that she's decided to give up the green stuff for her latest album, Artpop.

"No weed on Artpop. No," Lady Gaga revealed during a Q&A on her social networking site (via last week.

But does that mean she's staying away from pot entirely or just when she's in the studio?

Well, judging by the hitmaker's follow-up post, we're assuming the latter.

"Weed in the bathtub though. Hahaha," she quipped.

Gaga is still apparently a fan of Mary Jane, as this Christmas Day tweet can attest: "I'm listening to @MariahCarey's Christmas album dancing in my room with my weed xmas sweater. All I need now is my box wine #bestdayever."

When she's not professing her love for pot, Lady Gaga meanwhile is gearing up to resume the latest leg of her Born This Way Ball tour, kicking off Jan. 11 in Vancouver. As for Artpop, the new record, which she says is "very risky," is expected to drop later this year.

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