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    This Is 40 Deleted Scene: Billie Joe Armstrong Talks "Violent" New Music Project With Paul Rudd

    Unless you're taking a peek at this deleted scene, you won't catch Billie Joe Armstrong's hilarious This is 40 cameo on the big screen.

    But, although the Green Day frontman's cameo was cut from the comedy flick's final edit, fans can still check out Armstrong pitching an um, interesting, music project to Paul Rudd's record label exec character, Pete, in lost footage available online.

    And we have to admit, it's pretty funny. 

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    "Have you heard of Norwegian death metal? I thought about taking that and mixing it with Bell and Sebastian," Armstrong says. "It's sort of music you can cry to but also burn a church down at the same time. 

    "I kind of want it to sound like two different radio stations going off at the same time in a white supremacist's car."

    Armstrong goes on to elaborate about the project, saying Green Day won't be involved with it, he doesn't want his name "anywhere near" it because it will create violence, and that the music will be "impossible" to play live.

    "My biggest frustration in my career is that I actually sell too many records, so I'm trying to change that with this side project…which is why I want to work with you," Armstrong goes on.

    The rocker is currently tackling his substance abuse issues in rehab following his on-stage meltdown in September at the IHeartRadio music fest. 

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