Josh Duhamel


Puppy playdate!

After dropping off his wife Fergie at a medical building Thursday, Josh Duhamel had some fun in the sun with the couple's pup at a park in Santa Monica, Calif. 

The former Las Vegas star kneeled down as he played with the couple's dachshund, Zoe, who ran full speed in the grass while they were there.

Fergie and Duhamel lost their other beloved dachshund, Meatloaf, earlier this year, when the dog passed away from a brain disorder.

"I don't know how to describe it, but anyone who would come over, they all went to Meatloaf," Duhamel told E! News around that time. "He was just so f--king adorable. He was a really, really soulful smart little dog. I never thought I'd be as shaken up as I was when he was gone."

The 40-year-old thesp has since been partnered up with PetSmart Charities' High-Five for Pet Adoption campaign, which celebrates the millions of pets that have been adopted through PetSmart Adoption Centers. 

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