Neve Campbell

Pedro Andrade/

There probably weren't too many "Neves" in Neve Campbell's class growing up, and the Scream star liked it that way.

In fact, she revealed Thursday on The Talk that she and J.J. Feild named their now 5-month-old baby boy Caspian so he could have the same experience.

"I like having a unique name—it's [my mom's] maiden name, Neve—and not a lot of people have it," the 39-year-old actress said. "It's nice having something special and different and so I wanted something like that for our son."

Neve and J.J. "looked through a lot of books" for a potential moniker but ultimately "decided that we'd wait and see and meet him and then decide."

"When he was born, we could only remember one [name] and that was Caspian," she said. "So it seems like it was right."

Too cute!

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