History Channel

Winter is coming. Er, make that the storm is coming.

HBO's randy fantasy series Game of Thrones will be getting some company come March, as History's new series Vikings kicks off—seemingly with the intent of pillaging some of GoT's audience.

Not only does the new Gabriel Byrne- and Travis Fimmel-led series cop a very similar catchphrase (originally found in George R.R. Martin's massively entertaining novels), but the series' launch date gets a similar treatment 3.3.13 as HBO's own 3.31.13 date for season three.

History never repeats, right? Perhaps, but Vikings have been known to come into other people's areas to snatch whatever goodies they can. So while it's unclear whether this foray into the icy heart of Nordic and Icelandic lore will be as successful as David Benioff and D.B. Weiss' serialized fantasy version, one thing is clear: Things are going to be getting chilly between HBO and History.

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