Public Enemy, The Hobbit, Bruno Mars

Kevin Winter; Lisa Haun Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images; WB

With Public Enemy suddenly deemed suitable the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it's clearly a time of changing perspectives. (Speaking of music legends, we were also able to share countless one-liners about the 121212 concert roster via Twitter, touching on everything from Kanye's pants to Adam Sandler's "Hallelujah" parody.)

Luckily, despite all the Mayan doomsaying about 12/21, life looks like it's gonna go on into 2013—at least if you believe the latest Grammy nominees, who hope to score big in February, and Shia LaBeouf, who aims to make good on a Broadway takeover in the spring.

Take a look at everything that's on our culture-gobbling minds this week and let us know what's on yours.

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